Q&A with Transputec's director of services Stuart Salt

Josh Budd
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What are the key challenges facing your business this year?

Supporting our customers through the current challenges - and beyond - is paramount. We are achieving this through technical optimisation, commercial flexibility and relationship support. We will build stronger relationships once we're out of this period and our customers start rebuilding their businesses.

Finding and winning new business is a key challenge, with customer decision makers working from home and clients focusing on basic operational needs.

Our overriding priority is supporting the physical and mental well-being of our staff through our support programmes, flexible working, and technologies to support working from any place at any time.

What are the most effective things vendors can do to help MSPs through the coronavirus crisis?

We believe there are six key important practices to help steer MSPs through the crisis.

Commercial optimisation - allowing interim savings to be passed onto our customers requiring financial support; training and certification; working with MSP sales team to understand and maximise on existing and new opportunities; stockholding and good supply management; holding road map sessions; and holding joint conversations between MSP and customer to ensure a unified approach.

What measures have you taken to protect your business from the effects of coronavirus?

Transputec have always operated a globally distributed workforce model. Half of our team has been working from home for several years so we've really matured cultural management, technical solutions and processes to support practices needed during this pandemic period. Consequently, lockdown measures have had limited impact on our operation.

As an MSP we have a strong recurring revenue baseline. Along with our advanced capability to continue to deliver professional service engagements remotely, we have the agility and stability required during these uncertain times.

We're taking this opportunity to really focus on our staff training programmes, ensuring they are ahead of the game with qualifications and certifications needed moving forward.

We're financially strong and stable, with a strong P&L and balance sheet, so we are well placed to come out the other side in the best possible place .

Which areas of your business have seen the biggest surge in demand as a result of the coronavirus crisis?

The biggest immediate surges in demand were in two key areas:

  • Remote 24x7 service desk - Many can no longer deliver these services in house so are turning to Transputec to deliver high quality, response 24x7 Servicedesk services
  • Configuration and Deployment services - this Transputec service provides  procurement, secures build and deployment of end user devices e.g. laptops, desktops, printers. Our nationwide rollout programme supports clients' workforces  to work from home successfully.

 How has your offering to customers changed as a result of the coronavirus crisis?

Our solutions and services portfolio has not really changed as we have a solid and innovative breadth of services. However, we've shifted some resource into tactical areas including R&D, collaboration, and security to align to the needs of this era.

What's your advice to customers on how to make remote working more effective?

Don't just focus on technical solutions - continue to develop processes and cultural management skills.

Bear in mind that everyone is learning new skills and adapting. Give it time - you'll refine this and carry out regular engagement to understand what works and what doesn't.

Communication and collaboration is key. The journey never ends - keep listening, learning and improving.

Invest in continuous training and knowledge transfer between key workers to build operational resilience.

Carry out risk assessments for those who will be working from home or are based remotely.

How has your workday routine changed since self-isolation measures were put in place?

Prior to self-isolation, my days were spent either at the office or at customer sites. I now use collaboration tools such as MS Teams to keep up regular communication with colleagues, managers and customers.

I'm also balancing an element of assisting my children with distance learning (albeit not enough, according to my partner!) with my work life. It really helps that Transputec is so flexible.

What part of your workday routine are you most looking forward to returning to once life gets back to normal?

 The simple things - chatting with colleagues and customers over lunch. And of course, the great food at lunchtime from BoxPark Wembley!!!

From a business perspective, what lessons have you learned and what mistakes have you made during the last few months?

One size does not fit all and we've adapted our approach and communication styles to the different territories and time zones our global colleagues work in. Be flexible and keep it relevant to the audience. One global approach does not work.

What does it mean to you to be shortlisted for a European MSP Innovation Award? 

It is an honour. It underlines Transputec's reputation as an innovator. We have been successfully operating, innovating and evolving for over 30 years - it's in our DNA.

Our in-house developed SaaS solutions include document management systems, mass communication and BCP solutions, market place procurement platforms. Our forward investment in AI developed solutions, in the Healthcare market, for example, emphasises what we are passionate about at Transputec.

For me personally, this is hugely important. This award would show my colleagues that everything they do doesn't go unnoticed and contributes to both Transputec's and our customers' success and innovation.

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